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January 6th, 2012, 09:59 AM
Sold my bike & a truck & now am looking for a newer one. Previous bike was an 87 Yamaha Virago 1100 with around 70,000 miles. I put alot of those miles on it in the 10 years or so I had it. My wife & I decided to sell it so I could find one a little newer & more comfortable for both of us, specially on mid to long range trips.

Not sure what I am going to get but am open to suggestions. Only qualifications are that its newere than 2000, 1100 CC or bigger, crusier & NOT maroon. Budget is $3500, not much but thats all I have - no payments. Looking for something I can drive to work when its nice, but can also take on rides anywhere from a couple hours on a Sat to a weekend in NM or SD. Windshield & bags would be required but could be added later if needed. Easily removeable ones would be ideal.

I do like the looks of the Yamaha V Star 1100, but haven't been able to sit on or ride one. Anyone know anything about these?

Due to owning a Virago I have been in more Yamaha showrooms in the past getting parts etc so haven't really kept up with a ton of bikes. Any other suggestions?

January 12th, 2012, 09:51 PM
This one kind of caught my eye. I don't know much about the bigger Marauders. Mine is an 800.

January 24th, 2012, 06:46 PM
The Suzuki Marauder and the Kawasaki Mean Streak are the exact same bike. Minus the rear fender, headlight and the S stamped in to the triple on the Suzuki. The engine, frame, fork, tank, blah blah blah are all Kawasaki.

I loved my Mean Streak (2008 SE). There is no compairison to my Victory Vegas. The Mean Streak (Marauder) is heavier, bulkier and has a ton more bottom end torque.

My opinion is that I would offer this guy $3500. Low mileage does not mean anything - just means that it has sat around for 5+ years (which is as bad as high mileage for motorcycles). I have 2000miles on my Victory already and haven't had it a year yet.


March 19th, 2012, 04:09 PM
So an update is in order I think. Still looking. Wife & I went out this weekend to look at waht dealerships had to offer & be able to see & sit on a few just to get a better idea of what I like if I see it on Clist. Discovered that I really don't want another 1100, as I would be paying more money for basically a newer version of my bike & it would still be uncomfortable for me to ride. Sun Honda had a 2002 VTX 1800 they were trying to sell for $5000, but it looked like they hadn't even detailed it. I found 4 visual things they could have fixed within 30 min to make someon think it was worth the money they were asking. Fay Myers has a nice 2003 Road Star 1600 that looked in great shape & they were replacing the back tire & brakes on. Wanted $5900 for that & it looked & sounded worth the money they were asking for it. Customer that brought it in had taken great care of it. Unfortunately it was a little out of our "have no debt" price range. I did test ride a 200? Honda Sabre 1100 taht had more power than I thought but soidified that I want to try to get something bigger than 1100 if possible. Good looking bike, just didn't have the "halo from Heaven" with angels singing THIS IS IT!!!"

Long story short we are still looking. We wanted to stay newer than 2000 but for the money we have we might go below that maybe 98 or 97 to get a nice bigger bike. Possibly a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 or something like that. Problem is all the people I called in last few days either didn't answer their phones & haven't called me back or when I did talk to them the bike was sold within hours of posting. I know we will find the right one eventually but wish it would come sooner as I am really jonesing for a ride, specially with this great weather.

March 20th, 2012, 11:52 AM
We are going tonight to look at a couple I finally got ahold of off CList.

This is one of them

I am kinda wondering if he is asking a bit much. I used KBB & NADA & KBB said that a 98 should be $2750 average & NADA gave it a high of $3200. Do the low miles account for anything? From the pics it looks like he has passenger & driver footboards, saddelbags, engine gaurds, windshield & luggage rack all of which I would want on a bike. Not sure if he has anything else. Those options didnt add that much to the value, without them NADA was closer to $3,000. Am kinda hoping his "reasonbale offer" statement in there would come down a bit closer to $4000 or less, but not holding my breath

March 21st, 2012, 08:04 AM
Last night my wife & I picked up a 99 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1500. It has 41,000 miles complete with hard saddle bags, back rests for driver & passenger, luggage rack, floorboards for driver & passenger, throttle lock, aftermarket grips complete with palm rest on throttle, windshield, engine gaurds & highway pegs & the extra light bar on front. The color is green & has already been dubbed "the Green Hornet" by a friend. Funny that its green, we now have 2 green vehicles & 2 blue ones & I am color blind with green being one of the ones I don't see right. The wife likes how it looks & feels so that is also a big plus.

As a side note I didn't even look at the one I posted above as we looked at this one first & bought it. Unfortunately I don't have any way to post pics on here of it

March 21st, 2012, 08:28 AM
Glad you found somthing to fit your needs and budget :thumbsup: