View Full Version : Login Name or Displayed Name?

June 22nd, 2004, 01:54 PM
When we (finally) switch to the new software I'm going to be faced with a decision. The current software allows for a Displayed Name which can be different from your Login Name, but the new software doesn't. With the new software your Displayed Name and Login Name are the same. This creates a problem when performing the import as I have to choose which one to keep. My current plan is to retain your current Displayed Name as that is apparantly what you wish to be known as. If you feel otherwise, please let me know. So the question is simple... if you could keep only one name, would you keep your Login Name or your Displayed Name?

The poll will close on July 4th at 10pm.

June 28th, 2004, 02:52 AM
The new software is coming huh?

June 29th, 2004, 05:10 AM
Originally posted by flexychevy:
The new software is coming huh? Gonna give it another try anyway, they updated the importer last month but I haven't had a chance to try it. I should have some time to try it again after the 4th.