View Full Version : yj shackle conversion

October 17th, 2011, 01:41 PM
So the xj shackle suck bigtime and all the brackets ive seen seem to have the shackle hit the channel so i teamed up with clint over at battlement fab to come up with a better idea on an old concept and here is what we got. A bracket that bolts on to existing holes and then allows for a shackle hanget to be boted on to it to run a yj style shackle. Ive been beating on it for a lil while now so i thought i would do a write up on them. They work amazing! Before on side hills the extended shackle would act kinda like a fulcrum and make the jeep feel very unstable and wheelstands were a whole nother story. a lil air felt like it was gonna roll, now feels great even with a tire in the air it felt almost like it wasnt. on road is great feels a bit firmer around corners without swaybars on but rides smooth over junctions awesome roads.
I do have some tuning to do with the shocks and some bumpstops as they werent really needed before. also it seems that the rear out flexes the front
and so thatll be another project but its a start