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November 29th, 2010, 10:59 AM
Looking at purchasing a Victory Cross Roads, anyone have any history with victory bikes? I rode it and liked it for what it is. It has nice locking hard bags and cruise control which are really nice to me since I am coming off a 1000rr. The bike is 17,600 and I get 1k off for military discount and an extra year warranty (3 years total) and they have 0% financing for a year. After which I will just go to my credit union. Seems like a good deal, service on these is way cheaper than the harleys and the bike is a lot smoother than the harleys I have ridden

mtn WJ
November 29th, 2010, 11:34 AM
I am not a biker however I went to the Arlen Ness shop/factory in Dublin California last month with one of my dealers.

I looked at the Victory bikes there. A lot if not most of their styling is done by Corey or Arlen Ness. It seems like you get a lot of bike for the money with a Victory. Custom type style, reliable drivetrain and mostly American made. If I were in the market for a cruiser, Victory and Harley would be neck in neck for me. I understand that the Arlen Ness dealership does special orders and can ship them too. They had a huge inventory. You might check them out and see if there is something for you.

November 29th, 2010, 04:33 PM
Huh I knew they has Ness editions of the bikes but I didnt know the Ness boys did any of the designing on the bike. Pretty cool...

November 30th, 2010, 09:37 AM
I have owned 3 victories. 99 classic cruiser and 2 05 touring cruisers. I'll list the pros and cons

Great power
Great handling. I'd put my tc up against any other bagger on the market in the twisties
The ride height on the older ones is great. In 06 they conformed and lowered it
Lot of bike for the money

The bad
Service is way more than any other common brand out there
On my first 05 I ordered it from a buddy in mo who has a dealership. Had it loaded up with bells and whistles. To include a stage 1 kit from victory put on by a victory tech. When I got it up here it e
Ran like crap. Took it to the dealer to get it fixed under warranty. I bought a 3 year for it too. They informed me that nothing fuel exhaust or ignition related would be covered because of the stage 1 kit. Went round and round with victory before they fixed it then I totaled it.

No aftermarket support for the more specialty bikes. One company makes a seat for mine and it is $800

The 3 dealerships I have dealt with on the frontrange suck donkey scrotum. The one in castle rock damaged my paint and refused to do anything about it.

Don't get me started on rocky mt.

I'll continue on when I am at a pc.

November 30th, 2010, 12:10 PM
--Good power
--Good handleing
--Good ride height in the pree 07 models
--You get a lot of bike for the money

--Service is pricey
--Warranty support sucks with aftermarket parts
--Aftermarket stuff is hard to come by and expensive
--Front Range dealerships suck

More cons:
--Victorys don't hold value as well as harleys, or even Hondas
--The big bore bikes are bad to rip the teeth off the belts (belts are spendy too)
--Some of the factory components are cheap junk i.e. the grips on my bike suck, and are falling apart
--If you take it in for service it the cross roads is going to kill you. It is 2 hours labor to change out my back tire. I bet the crossroads is more.
--oil changes kits are a little steep as well. I have cross referenced filters and oil from the parts store to save quite a bit here though.
--My bike in stock configuration has plenty of power, but my stage one kitted bike had a lot more juice

More Pros:

--Brakes are wonderful on my bike
--The saddle bags are huge on my TC. I can get 2 half helmets in each bag
--My bike is not cold natured like other's I have owned. I starts and runs even on really cold days.

While I love my bike, I will not buy another Victory. I swore I would never buy another one after all the problems I had with the one I totaled, but at the time I was not ready for a Ultra Classic, and no one else made anything like I was looking for. I am not ready for a Classic, and will go that route next time I buy.

December 5th, 2010, 06:44 PM
been eyeballing the Victory Vegas Jackpot for a while now - i have a feeling it will be my next bike..... (cross fingers here)......... I am not a fan of any of the NESS editions of the Victorys. IMHO they are ugly...

December 7th, 2010, 11:37 AM
damn I had lost track of this thread, Budman thanks for the advice, makes me second guess my decision. Though I am still not enthused about spending a grip on a fatboy low.

When you say service is pricey, I am pretty darn handy if I do say so myself! I used to do all the work on my crotch rockets and was wondering if its that much more difficult to remove the tire off the cross country? That and I have heard terrible things about the cost of owning a Harley, that being one of the reasons I was looking at the Victory bikes. Does this hold true or is this a Harley rumor?

The value thing was also something I was worried about, I just got bit in the ass with my honda 1000RR as they dropped the price to 7500 two years after I bought mine to get them moving out the doors. Well that didnt help the value of my bike :(

December 7th, 2010, 12:05 PM
The value thing was also something I was worried about, I just got bit in the ass with my honda 1000RR as they dropped the price to 7500 two years after I bought mine to get them moving out the doors. Well that didnt help the value of my bike :(

If you don't buy new you can let someone else take the depreciation hit. ;)

December 7th, 2010, 05:14 PM
Service: No one does service on Victorys except the dealers. There are several shops here in the springs that will work on Harleys.

Value: Look at the used value of a 2-3 Year old Victory Vs a new one. Then Look at the used value of a 5 year old one.

A 3 year old harley will cost you clost to the same as a 5-7 year old Harley. Same can be said for Honda's. The Vics seem to take a couple of hits. I bought a brand new 05 at the end of 06 for 12k. (listed for 16). Today with 10k miles on it, it is worth less than 5k. I was sickened when I looked up the numbers. I should have spent 5k on an 05 honda. It would still be worth 4-5k.

Changing the tire on the corssroads should not be bad. Mine is Pictured below. I have to remove both bags, and the Right side pipe to get to the belt. Then it I have to jack it way up in the air to get the tire out from under the fender. Not a huge deal as I have a good MC jack, but it is still way up there, and scares me every time. Like I said, they get 2 hours labor to remove and put the tire back on. Once it is off and changed, putting it on is just the reverse. The old Vics required a belt tension tool. The new one's have a gauge built into the belt guard. This helps. The first one I did, I put the belt back on too tight. That was a $150 mistake. I ripped the teeth right off that thing. Of course it was in the middle of a ride in the middle of no where trying to beat a thunderstorm home. I got soaked.

ETA: There are some minor things that can become an annoyance too. I recently bought a speaker system for mine. The mount for the volume control was designed to fit a standard clutch/brake lever mount. Hard to describe, but the Vics are different, and it would not mount. I had to get creative.

I recently blew the controller that controls the signal lights. Cost me $85 and a week to order it. I guess it is a common problem.