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May 13th, 2010, 09:48 AM
Hey folks,

Well it took me a few days to get back home and have some time to reflect on my 4000+ mile voyage across this great country. So I will break it down into two stories one of alabama, and one of rausch creek with maybe a few words about the trrip in between.


My friend Matt Kerr flew into denver on April 27th which was a tuesday, we partied all night and did some wandering in and out of some local bars here in downtown denver. Wednesday Creighton picked us up in the maxxis mariot/freightlinner hauler. We drove to just outside of Kansas that night and slept. we woke up early on thursday and started moving. I drove the hauler to Brian Shirleys shop/business. Where we took a look at his newe rat rod project which looked dangerous but fun, I was intrigued at how easy and cheap one could put something like that together for. Anyway we parted ways with shirley and headed out of dodge. We made a few stops on the way to Alabama and made it there mid day on Friday.

Saturday morning came early i teched in with no problem and started last off the line which was probably best because i wasn't racing for points. The format was set up different than normal and they had a great track with lots of fast sections. I ran 3 of my 4 laps and began to overheat so i shut her down. we did some tweaking and tried to get the fan to cool better but it didn't work. We ran our second heat about the same and overheated around the second or third lap so i shut her down. There seemed to be quite a bit of cooling issues going on down there i don't think that any xorra event has ever been that long of a track with as many full throttle opportunities. I did not race Sunday but it was a hell of a show my favorite part was brian shirleys 100+foot bicycle down the hill into a tree and driving out of it. Great job man you put on quite a show. Ill never get sick of watching you race.

All in all xorra was a great experience i would not hesitate to do it again. not for a second. Thanks to mike, jody, tony, and all the xorra staff, for all they did it was a great event and i think everyone enjoyed themselves.

On Sunday we left Alabama and drove up to Nashville. right in the middle of the flood. where we dropped Creighton of at the airport. Me and Matt headed off early Monday mourning and drove to just outside of Washington DC. where we found a nice walmart to park the Hauler at. and caught a bus to the subway early Tuesday morning. we rode the subway into Washington and walked around all day seeing all the sights and monuments and museums.It was awesome i had never seen any of it. It really renewed my patriotism and my love for this country.

On Wednesday we were the first couple of teams to arrive at the Rausch off road park. as we pulled up there was a 4-5 foot black snake crossing the road. My co driver Matt being from New Zeland were they have no snakes was absolutely terrified he had never seen one in the wild.

We got every thing set up and began to relax a bit as the night went on all the teams rolled in including the rest of my team (Creighton and my cousin Andrew) Andrew had brought me another radiator to add to the rig so we spent most of the day Thursday working on the rig getting it mounted with some other random stuff.

We left at about 4 pm for our pre run we got about 5 miles in and blew our clutch coming down a steep hill. It was my fault I was holding the clutch in coasting down the hill. At the bottom of the hill i let the clutch out in gear and exploded the flex plate side of the friction disk. In a bit of a panic one of the Branik boys towed us back to the pits in just enough time to catch the free dinner and driver meeting. during the driver meeting i tracked down a clutch kit and we started to pull the buggy apart at about 7 pm. The clutch is about the hardest thing to do in my buggy next to pulling the motor. we worked through the night till about 4am when we finally finished it. it took about 8 hours a saw zall welder and some beers.

So we did not pre run any of the course or the hard sections for that matter at all. But the buggy was ready. we lined up next to Ian from extreme 4x4 and had a few laughs with him b4 the flag drop. I had him for about 20 feet off the line till i had to shift then he pulled away from me. we followed him up and over the first big bump or two on the shot creete where he lost his spare tire. And for some reason when he lost his tire it kinda made me feel all good with what i had been through to get to where i was at that second. I mean for god sakes if he can have such a nice rig and racing program and still get something silly like strapping down your tire correctly wrong then I think im gonna be alright."

We kept rocking through the fast section and passedprobably 5 rigs in the first few miles, when we came to a parking lot of the first rock obstacle i blew the horn to build pressure and did some cursing while other competitors caught up to me. The branik rig was causing the clog and eventually got there rig running again and out of the way. at this point we rocked forward blazing through the rock stuff and back the the flat and fast. at which point broncolu who i had passed at the beginning caught up to me and made a clean pass in the fast. about a quarter mile later he was broken down again on the side of the road and i passed him this went on about 3 more time throughout the next 3-04 miles until we hit pit one. at which point we kept driving. We came to a large rocky hill climb where thew jk crawler was attempting to make the right side. I had never pre run or seen any of this part of the course so i tried the left side a couple times unsuccessfully, we then drove back around to the right side and banged right up it. we hit thew check point and i was feeling pretty good about my rig and my driving. after that obstacle was some fast stuff we ran quick through that stuff and ended up at a section of rocky drops and boulders as far as the eye could see. immediately we realized the primary fan was not working. We stopped and began to repair it. at which point Derek rolled up to lap me for the first time. Derek is a great racer and an even better sportsman. He stopped and made sure i was okay asked me if i needed and tools or parts and i told him that he needed to get his ass back in gear and quite woring about me. Even though appreciated i wanted him to win and he was winning so i didn't want to hold him up at all. A few minutes later Loren rolled up and asked the same thing. I told him to keep moving and kick some butt for me. we got the fan moving again and keep'd on keeping on. we passed goat man who had lost a wheel and began into a endless trail of boulders and wicked steep climbs for the next 7-8 miles in sure. I just keep remembering asking Matt how much further it could be i just didnt understand how it could keep going. it was by far one of the most intense race courses i have ever been apart of. I remember trying to climb super technical spots while other racer were just driving right around me on easy bypass lines that i knew nothing of.

we finished our first lap, I remember seeing Dave at the finish line squinting to figure out who i was and when he realized i remember seeing him mouth "wow" I don't think he ever expected to see me after my 3 hour first lap. we chatted with him a bit and headed into the pits. after some fuel and pep talk from my boys I got back in the buggy with a great attitude i trully enjoyed every mile after that. we did our second lap almost a full hour faster than we did the first one. and when we came through the gate again Dave told me that i needed to finish my last two laps at the speed of the leader. now i knew that was not gonna happen but i kept on i told Dave "im not gonna give up" and we headed out for lap three.

Somewhere between lap two and lap three the buggy went into limp mode and would not rev past 3 grand so we were very limited by our speed. but that didn't stop us when we would get to the bottom of an obstacle we would stop reset the computer and pray that it would make it up. we probably reset that computer 100+ times in those two laps. we passed a lot of broken traffic and broken dreams on that last lap. i remember climbing hill 5 pedal to the floor in limp mode with the motor at maybe 500 rpms at the top. it was quite a rush of adrenaline. at which point i saw usnick i knew he was still running but i did not know what lap he was on he had flat tires and was not moving very fast. At that moment my race was then and there. i had a good head start on him and i kept moving my goal was to beat him to the finish line which i barely did. I came over the top of the last shot creete climb barely running popping and spiting amazed that it was still alive. I finished my third lap with 3 mins to spare in the race. I was meet by Derek Dave Jeff and just about every racer giving me the thumbs up and congrats i was on top of the world a true feeling of accomplishment. if the would have let me run a 4th lap i would have it would have been rough but i would have completed it in my mind i finished.

I had the best time of my life on this trip no drama, no break downs, no b.s. coin flips. It was great.

I wanna thank the hammerking staff the rausch creek staff my crew my sponsors, Creighton King and King rock racing, Schampa Racing,Harry at staun racing, Andrew Trask, Matt Kerr, Danial Coggin, jim whales (yoda man jim) SGT Wichman rip whop died in the line of fire for our country and was buried on the day of this race. and especially my fellow competitors for giving me such a great group of people to race against.

My quote for the trip is:

"I have never had so much fun losing" this was said somewhere around the first lap when Derek passed me for the second time.

Once again thank you all

sincerly, Ryan Robinson #4415 Schampa Racing

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May 13th, 2010, 10:15 AM
you gonna make the Make a Wish race this weekend??:D

May 13th, 2010, 10:18 AM
the buggy is preety beat up but we will see what happens. defenetly not gonna be competing but i know someone that asked me to co drive w them.

May 13th, 2010, 10:23 AM
I gotta run out there tomorrow, and work on the track, probably be out there all weekend:D looks like its going to be a good turnout.

May 13th, 2010, 10:35 AM
i hope so you guys deserve it for all your hard work.

not so Quikjeep
May 13th, 2010, 12:00 PM
I saw the Maxxis rig the other day, why was the Maxxis logos covered up with grey stickers?

May 13th, 2010, 01:31 PM
Nice Buggy!!!Someday I'll be able to afford something thats not street legal.

May 13th, 2010, 02:35 PM
Thank You its officially for sale.

because its a registered rv not a comercial vehicle