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December 28th, 2009, 10:29 PM
I have been wanting/needing gauges for a while now since my rig is used primarily for towing the Jeep on road trips and such. I had done quite a bit of research and after pricing seperate gauges, seperate power adders and such, the cost was pretty astronomical and had really held me back in purchasing them.

After researching the Quad, I decided to treat myself for Christmas, and got it installed this weekend. Just idling the truck and setting up the perameters I got all giddy. You all know what I'm talking about! :P After a road test, I can say I am more than thrilled with the features and quality of this unit. :drool:I ran out of road or into traffic before I could even work the truck hard. It was that quick and responsive! By far this unit is the most easy, user friendly, easy to understand, and easy to install system I have used. I had to tell my wife to watch the road for me since I was drooling and watching all the different information the monitor was showing me. :rolleyes: Oh yea, and the POWER!

I did at first think that the Pulse monitor was a little plain and kinda cheap looking, (the advertising pictures do it no justice) but after actually mounting it in the Quad pillar mount, and actually playing with the buttons, I am very pleased. The simple and very easy to read display actually exceeded my expectations. The buttons are very responsive as in you don't have to bury your finger in them to make a change.

The defuel and warning settings are A++ and work very well. You even get a turbo timer included! I really like the low and high side fuel readings too. That there can tell you alot about how your truck is performing/making power as well as diagnostics. My specific unit has 14 tunes built in, the ability to modify the tunes, and you can even download custom tunes. You also can set any of the perameters you want to watch up to 8 different ones (up to 4 at a time on two different screens) out of the 24 or so that mine monitors (I did not count, just went by what the instruction manual said). I have a '07 Dodge 5.9. Other trucks vary.

The only thing I did different in the installation was mount the computer in the cab instead of under the hood. I like things to be low key, and wanted to protect it from the underhood elements, even though it is fully sealed. While I was there, I also installed an accessory fuse block under the dash that is powerd by a relay and a set of circuit breakers under the hood I installed.

I was previously running a Superchips Flashpaq alone, and currently have it stacked with the Quad with no contradiction thus so far. I have the SC on the tow tune currently, and will leave it there for now. The SC has the ability to enable the high idle feature which is primarily why I left it on. The Quad does not offer that option. You can however adjust the tire size with the Quad. The Quad also has the ability to read and erase trouble codes too.

The Quad by far hands down appears to be the best bang for the buck in features, power, gauges and user safety settings. After also talking to their customer service, they seem to have the most knowledgable personel I have experienced in quite a while on product specifics. Heck their instruction manuals are even like mini owners manuals but in full color.

I attached some pics here. The third one is of the accessory fuse block I installed while I was under the dash.




May 7th, 2010, 08:14 PM
So I have been lacking in updating my post here, so I will list the dates and my posts from another forum on my findings thus so far.

I have put about 100 miles on it since the install, just running to town a couple times etc.. So far milage has seemed to improve, but I only run it on level 4, and played with up to level 7, then I run into traffic and out of road really quick. I have found going up to at least level 7, does activate the low LP fuel warning (I have it set to warn at 0) when you first get on it, but comes back to 2-4 PSI once you level out to a sustained speed... Obvious reasons why. This of course is running empty (no load) too.. So I am sure if I crank it up anymore and run loaded/towing, I will drain the factory fuel system quickly and the factory LP will not be able to keep up. Time for a Airdog or FASS if I am going to really push it ALL the time. On level 4 the LP pressure seems to hover between 4-9 depending on engine load, which the Quad does display in a percentage.

I will be towing with it (hauling my Jeep) in April to Moab, so I can report then on temps, fuel milage then. So far my EGT at level 4 runs around 550-680 when sustaining 65-70 MPH on flat ground. I have pushed it WOT up a steep hill, and have seen the EGT's spike during the initial romp to 890-1100 range. But thats when you are hitting almost 100MPH (in a short quick WOT burst). When you back off, it drops dramaticly. Sustaining 65-70 MPH up hill the EGT's seem to hover around 890 ish. This is with an AFE drop in filter in the stock airbox and the stock exhaust.

Whats cool also, is you have instant datalogging that records your max and min values, so you can really work this thing and then check your readings later. With the user also able to control defuling and power limits, you would have to bypass those (which you can with the Quad), to break your truck. It's very user friendly

I have had a chance to do some longer distance driving and combined city driving, as well as tow the jeep to Moab. To date, my average best tank was 18.4 MPG with the combined driving, no towing. This is with the unit on level 5 (there are 14 different settings). I have recently just started to run it on level 7 to see if I get any more gains. I really do not want to push it further on level settings due to having the stock trans and TC.

When I towed to Moab with the Jeep, I did get into it going up some of the hills to see what EGT's I would run. The EGT's peaked around 1279 and only a couple times hit 1300 but the truck was in 3rd gear and gained speed and shifted which brought the EGT's back down. Power was good for the load and wind resistance I had. I could hit 65-70 pretty easy. The unit was also switched between level 5 and 7 to see if there was much of a difference. Fuel mileage was down a bit to 13-14, but read the last paragraph as to why.

Now, I have had some braking related issues with my truck, so I cannot be 100% on all the reports just yet. Basicly I have had front caliper issues where they wanted to drag and not fully release. During my trip to Moab, I had some hard left pulling due to this. I just had these replace under warranty, so I will update this thread after some more testing.

I also believe once I am able to afford a better transmission and TC combo, I should be able to really strech this rig's legs. I am just a bit conservative and only really romp on it when passing etc. I can say, unloaded, the rig moves like a bullet on level 7 and the TC locked up. If you launch from a stop light, you can spin the tires a bit, but it feels like the trans is the holdback when doing this from a dead stop.

May 7th, 2010, 08:15 PM
OK, so I took a trip to Denver last weekend. Truck was lightly loaded to with about 750# of cargo and passengers. Tires all the way around were set to 52 psi, and the dragging calipers had been replaced.

When we left Durango, the truck had about 100 miles on it that were previously back and forth to town driving.

We left for Denver, we were fighting the wind pretty bad, and Wolf Creek Pass was snowpacked, so we used 4WD for that stretch.
I fueled up In Woodland Park (we stopped in Manitou Springs to visit family on the way), and my MPG was 17.8. Speed was 5-8 over of the speed limit (60-65), and I tried to keep the RPMS down under 2000.

Now when you hit the Interstate, that is a whole new ballgame. You keep the truck under 75-80, you get run over. So hauling-butt to Denver, spending the weekend driving around to various places, and lots of freeway driving, when we left I fueled up in Baliey and my MPG was 16.27.

So from Bailey to Durango for the return trip, I took it a little easier, and cruised the truck consistantly around 65-70 MPH. When I fueld back up my MPG reading was 20.6.

The Quad was set to level 7 the whole trip.

May 7th, 2010, 08:42 PM
1950 rpm is the sweet spot for my truck. I run the TST set to 3/3 and can average about 24 mpg. Truck is an '03 cummins HO (the 305/555 version) with 3.73 gears and NV 5600 6 speed. Tires are stock. No other mods except for an opened up air intake.

May 7th, 2010, 08:49 PM
That's pretty good with the 6 speed! My previous '06 Dually was worse with the 6 speed. RPMs were always higher than an Auto.

The '03 also does better thanks to the lack of a 3rd injection cycle unlike the 04.5 and up trucks have (emissions program in the truck I have read).

My truck also has only 22,000 miles and is an auto. So I would imagine it should increase with more driving.

May 8th, 2010, 08:28 AM
the later 6spds had the G56 which doesn't have as high an OD when compared to the NV5600. that's probably where a lot of the difference comes from. The extra injection event in the later trucks also changes things a little, plus the '03 and early '04 didn't have a cat either.

July 14th, 2010, 02:01 PM
Quick question (I seem to be posting them in every diesel thread on here)

Ordered a Quad adrenaline w/ pulse v2.

it says it monitors EGT's, and I couldn't find anything saying it needed another sensor. Does it use the trucks stock equipment, or do I need another part?

2005 Chevy 2500HD, 6.6Dmax

Also, are the things the pulse monitor will tell me going to accurate? or do I need to look at other senors.....????

I have been reading duramax forums and so forth....just curious on everyone's take in the matter.


July 14th, 2010, 03:39 PM
On a Cummins, you have to drill and tap a spot pre-turbo, which is pretty easy. They supply a thermocouple and low pressure fuel sender (well on a Cummins anyway). The instructions are pretty thorough and come in color. I am not sure where they have you drill and tap on a Duramax. Also if you do have to drill and tap, keep your truck runnig while you do this. The exahust pressure will blow the metal chips out. I think I had someone hold a shop vac in close to the drill bit too.

So far my gauge readings have been pretty accurate reading them from the trucks own computers and sensors. What I find funny sometimes you will find a few people that will say the trucks computer and sensors are unreliable and that they want "real" guages (manual gauge like an copper tube oil fed pressure gauge for example). Well other than a boost line being a "real" gauge, the other common gauges people buy have electronic senders with them anyway!:rolleyes:

Also if your trucks factory sender goes south, then your truck will go into limp home mode or die anyway, save for the old school manual injection trucks, but thats not what you or I have. So I actually prefer to see what the factory computer is reading.

My Pulse monitor the other day was warning me that my lift pump pressure was dropping to zero (reading the factory's computer). I was a little sceptical because the truck was running absolutley fine. My fuel gauge was on empty so I switched over screens and discovered my fuel level was 1%. Basicly I was running out of fuel. I eased on into town keeping the CP3 pressure to a minimum and when I filled my tank, it took 34.7 gallons in a 34 gallon rated tank!:eek: I say that it was pretty accurate!:thumbsup:

The great thing with the Quad too is you can run it on stock and still have all your gauge functions. Maybe with the first few tanks play with the power settings, it only takes an instant with the push of the button and compare tanks. You'll find your sweet spot on your truck.

Oh yea, and don't forget to post up your install and what you like or if you have any issues with it. :beer:

July 16th, 2010, 03:07 PM
Well, Quad Adrenaline showed up this morning. Sitting in my living room right now as it is way to balls hot to go work on the truck.

Plus, I can't seem to locate the NPT bushing for the EGT sensor. Not sure if it was supposed to come with one, or if I need to try and track one down on my own.

Also, looks like I have to take my fender well off to install the EGT sensor, and not sure if I can pull that off at the apartment parking lot.

EDIT: ok, I am an idiot. bushing fell out of box when I opened it and I was sitting on the damn thing on the couch.... one less problem.