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March 28th, 2009, 06:05 PM
I broke some teeth off of the ring gear on my rear axle. I have few questions about replacement of parts.

Tera CRD 60 Rear
5.38 gear set
Arb and 35 spline chormoly shafts

The teeth were broken and not driven to far. Just long enough to hear and feel the clunking after the snap. Maybe 600ft of driving diagnosing and back in the garage after the breakage.

The ring gear seems to be the only part damaged. The Pinion gear dosen't seem to have any marks on it. Can I only replace the ring gear or are they paired together? I know they are purchased together but can you only use part of it?

I think I just pull the arb carrier out and keep all the shims together for each side and then just replace the ring gear or should I replace the pinion gear as well.

If I have to change pinion gear as well, will I have to reset the preload and backlash again or no since the carrier is the same? (if yes is the case, I will need to get the specific tools or have someone do the set-up)

looking for a bit of education before my monday project. Thank you in Advance.

March 28th, 2009, 07:37 PM
Since you have to buy a ring & pinion, why not use the new pinion? I certainly would. :shrug:

You could try replacing just the ring gear, but yes, you should at least run a pattern and check the backlash.

March 28th, 2009, 07:59 PM
Lack of knowledge/experience in gear setup is a big part of this short cutting attempt. If I could replace just the ring gear and put the shims back in the way they were, check the pattern, and close it back up i would be pretty happy. But I guess I was stabbing in the dark hoping to hear that people have done this with some success.

What would the tolerance on the backlash be on a dana 60 that doesn't see much road time? What is the correct name of this measurement tool and can I get this tool from a regular auto parts store or is there a specific place you would recommend?

I have a new master install kit on the shelf for the tera 60. Should I go ahead and use this as well if I am going to have to tear everything apart? The axle is maybe 2 years old and has maybe 20 trail runs on it.

March 28th, 2009, 08:07 PM
Is this a front or rear axle? If it's a front, close counts a lot more than a rear, since the front will probably not see any high speed use. You need a dial indicator and magnetic base to check the backlash. You can get both relatively cheap at HF. The spec for a D60 for backlash is 0.006 - 0.010".

I suspect that the pattern would still be good since that's much more dependant on pinion depth than the ring gear.

If it were me I'd reinstall the new gears. Of course, I can set up gears and have all of the tools. It's certainly worth a try installing the new ring gear, checking backlash and running a pattern. I'd bet you'd be pretty close doing that. Installing the new pinion will require a full gear setup.

If you do this, post up pics of the pattern.

Crazy Ed's
March 28th, 2009, 10:37 PM
Change as a set.

March 28th, 2009, 11:38 PM
Welcome to the short comings of a D60 rear. The biggest issue I see with just replacing the gears with another set is that if it happened once, it will probably happen again. You obviously have a bunch of money tied up in the rear axle already but I'd think about switching it out with something stronger.

March 29th, 2009, 02:13 AM
Ring and pinions are always sold as a set, you couldn't buy just a ring gear even if you wanted to. Even if you could (or found a used ring gear) its likely that the pinion is damaged and the gear contact will never be right (each ring gear is specifically matched to its respective pinion gear).

So, assuming you have a ton of money into this Tera D60 rear and don't want to switch to something stronger, you're basically stuck buying a new ring and pinion and having them setup again (which should be pretty quick and easy, replacing the same ratio R&P is much easier than changing ratios).

Just wish for the best next time, AFAIK there isn't much strength difference between the gear brands as they're all made from 86xx steel (IIRC).

March 29th, 2009, 12:21 PM
Thanks for the helpful comments.

I was pretty bummed yesterday because I now realized that I had broke this thing a week ago in the driveway:eek: I've been known to do a burnout or two. New Red labels on Dry pavement on a hot day is not a good combination. I first thought I snapped a control arm bolt or something. I am continuing to prove my retardedness. So now I feel I should have to fix this mistake.

I couldn't wait to tear into this as it was eating at me. So I started by Tearing it down today. I figured I would help others that have never self performed this along the way as this is a first for me. (based on above responses) I have decided to do a complete replacement of Pinion and Ring gear and not try to short cut this. I have seen the replacement done a few times so I felt taking it apart would save some time for the recruited help putting this back together.

Here is the Damage

So I Removed Wheels on Both Side

Then Removed Brake Caliper

Remved The Rotor

Removed the Nuts holding the axle shaft in and pulled out the axle shaft


Inspected the splines for damage or twisting. Didn't see anything obvious

I Started to remove the Carrier. Labeled them with a single punch dot on one side and two dots on the opposite, but as I was taking apart I noticed the housing was already labeled to match the Carrier Strap thingys?? Not sure of the name of them but anyways...

I removed the ARB Air Line from the top of the housing and gently pulled the air line out. I used some brake cleaner to clean the rubber gromet seal off and didn't like how it looked, so I will find a replacement.

I then Removed the Carrier bolts, which were really snug, I will have to find out what torque is when I reassemble.

The Carrier was really snug so I used a combination of a dead blow hammer and a wooden handle that had no hammer head on it. It took some time and working back and forth to work it loose.

Once I had it out I found the remaining Tooth that I could not located at home during that inspection. The broken pieces may have made a trip around or two based on the scuffs and gouges.

Carrier and Ring gear Out and on the cart. The Large Chunk in the diff cover is one of the teeth from the ring gear that was in the bottom of the housing.

Remember this is a first time Carrier removal (Alone) for me so let me know if I have done wrong to the removal process. Now I need to do a bit research and studying on putting this thing back together properly. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

I am Currently running the 5.38 gears which I started with when I had the 4cyl powering it. Some friends said I should bite the bullet and swap both ends to 5.13's to add a bit of gear strength since I am now running an 8 cyl. I was wanting to replace with the same gears and no more dry pavement burnouts, but they got me thinking. What's your thoughts?

March 29th, 2009, 02:39 PM
Here are your setup specs:

Pinion preload: 17-30 in-lb
Backlash: 0.006 - 0.010"
Ring gear bolts: 110 lb-ft
Carrier bearing caps: 80 lb-ft

March 29th, 2009, 04:35 PM
Here are your setup specs:

Pinion preload: 17-30 in-lb
Backlash: 0.006 - 0.010"
Ring gear bolts: 110 lb-ft
Carrier bearing caps: 80 lb-ft

Thank you.