View Full Version : PureJeep JK Rocker Skid Install

September 22nd, 2008, 08:27 AM
Helped a friend install his PureJeep JK rocker skids on Sat.

This is a nice product- well built, and beefy. The integrated step with punched holes in step plate are nice, and good for scraping your shoes off if it's a bit muddy or snowy.

Installation wasn't anything over the top, but did take a few hours. As usual, the first one took a long time, and the second one went on 5 times quicker. Funny how that works.

The instructions that came with the skids were barely adequate. They were vague, some steps are completely missing, and they are poorly written. The instructions also call for removing the inner fender liner, and I'm still wondering how in the heck someone could even come up with that. Not necessary at all.

You will need a LONG 1/4" drill bit- standard length will not drill through the forward-most two mounting locations on the rockers. The JK has a sandwich type of panel construction, and you have to go through like 4 layers of metal.

The nutserts in the rear-most two mounting locations are worthless. They simply won't hold in the JK's 22 gauge sheetmetal, so take that FWIW. You're probably just as well off running bolts all the way through, or leaving those two holes plugged with RTV or something- they aren't structural, as a nutsert mounted in 22 gauge ain't gonna hold much anyway.

Other than that, measure twice or three times, and drill once for the three holes in the rocker panel. We did not need to replace the factory 8mm fasteners (speed clips) on the underside- factory ones worked fine. The kit was missing the 8mm bolts with captive washers.

Here's a crappy cell phone photo. Once installed, these are some high quality parts, even though there are some shortcomings in the instructions, and the mounting procedure for the rear-most two holes.

Overall, a good addition for your JK, particularly if you or the wife/kid need a small step to get in and out of your rig.


August 15th, 2011, 04:37 PM
I need one of those!