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October 6th, 2007, 06:34 PM
Rick Deremo. A name you do not want to see opposite yours, in the running order, unless you are willing to give it all you?ve got and what you?ve got better be a hell of a lot.


Rick was born in Cortez, CO on June 25, 1959. A third generation hay farmer, Rick learned the value of hard work at a young age. A trait he applies towards everything he does. His family has farmed as much as ten thousand acres outside the little Southwest Colorado town of Dove Creek. When he was eight, he moved to Phoenix, AZ. He would live and go to school there during the off season, but would return home to work the farm in the summers. Like most farm kids, Rick learned to drive various trucks, tractors and other farm equipment at a young age...


...I?m not sure if this made him a better driver or if it gave him the confidence to give it a little more than others. Like when he was seventeen, he was out ?desert racing? with friends. He ended up rolling his second pick-up, a ?77 F100 4x4, in the bar ditch, just hours before a big date. Rick had been sweet talking a girl for quite some time and finally got her to go out with him. When he showed up in his freshly rolled pick up, with the tailgate being the only straight part, she wasn?t amused...


...The doors wouldn?t open, so Rick had to lift her in through the window. The date didn?t go so well and ended early, but the precarious seventeen year old got a good look at her ?unmentionables? when he helped her in and out of the window. From there it was a long drive home, as he thought of a story to tell his dad. As you could imagine, his dad was none-too happy about the whole ordeal.


Rick started wheeling when he got his first pick-up. He and his friends would go cruise the back roads of the Southwest and up and down the Delores River. His first truck was a ?72 F100 short box 4X4. That truck saw it?s last day when Rick, out wheeling up the river, found a water hole his truck couldn?t make it through...


...He was finally able to get it out, and it sat back at the farm for a week. Rick decided to give it a once over and was greeted by the smell of rotten fish. It seems a fish got caught in one of the seat springs, and was fermenting the whole time. Those were the days when wheeling was fun and not dictated by a government that feels they need to appease every lobbyist group out to ?protect? our environment.


Rick?s first taste of competition came in the two-wheel variety. He raced motocross from the ages of fifteen to twenty-four, working his way up the ranks on a 125cc dirt bike, then to the 250cc?s and finally the open class. He raced the AMA Open Track circuit...


...His dad would take him to events around the country until he was able to drive himself. Rick really cherishes the time he spent with his dad out on the road.


Rick?s first four wheeling competition came in 2003, when he and his life long friend and spotter Rick Gersch, entered up in a Cal-Rocks event, at Avalanche Ranch. Figuring it was right down the road, what did he have to lose? So, they loaded up their Suzuki Samurai outfitted with Dana 44s, rear-steer, and a Geo Tracker 1.6L motor and headed off to compete...

...They didn?t fair so well and broke on their first course. In 2004 he built a single seat tube chassis car with a 2.5L Subaru motor. He competed in the Beatty, NV and Moab, UT Cal-Rock events. He put that car out to pasture and built another tube chassis car that he competed in for several years.


October 6th, 2007, 06:35 PM
Rick?s name can be found in the books as a competitor of the AMA Outdoor Circuit, Pro-Rocks, Cal-Rocks, WE Rock (where he was ranked fifth in the nation in 2005 and sixth in the West in 2006), and in the XRRA (where he has the prestigious honor of having the most wins). On October 6th, he will debut his talents at the second UROC RockCross? event of the 2007 season, in Pomona, CA.


Rick Deremo is the type of man most aspire to be. He and his family have a bond rarely seen these days. His wife Linda, of twenty-one years, son Drey (who is studying at NAU to become a Civil Engineer), and daughter Kellie (a star athlete at her high-school and future driver at ?Xtreme Motorsports) can all attribute some of their character to their father/husband. Of course without their support, Rick would not be able to compete in a sport he loves...


...Rick?s extended family can be seen at the competitions cheering him on when things go well and wrenching on the car when they don?t. Rick treats all of those around him like family. Always the first to offer a hand, a part, or a jest to get a smile out of someone whose day isn?t going as planned. Rick is the real-life definition of sportsmanship. Although very competitive, you will not see him passing the buck or making excuses. Nope, most of the time you see Rick you see him with a smile.

Here?s to a great father, husband, friend, competitor and all around good guy!!!








October 6th, 2007, 08:13 PM
Wow. Awesome profile write-up. And the pictures - freaking amazing!!

October 6th, 2007, 09:04 PM
Nicely done Chad & Rick!

October 7th, 2007, 06:54 PM
Great job once again Slash! You do GREAT Profile write-ups! Is there another reason you do them besides here, or what's the deal with em?

And Rick, I too LOVE those green flame skins! WOW! It's been a fun season with ya man!

October 7th, 2007, 09:53 PM
Like I said on Pirate, these look sick, Great Job, Rick was talking about it all weekend! It was fun pretending to be a part of Rick's crew for the day, ie running across the show to get parts from Spidertrax :)