View Full Version : Edge Juice with Attitude A++

October 1st, 2007, 06:14 PM
99 CTD 3/4 ton- auto, 4 inch, ats header, 35's, 3.73's

Installed in about a half hour- best instructions written with pics! It's plug and play using mostly stock connections. I can monitor everything from engine temp to fuel psi. The best thing is the turbo timer. I also have the BD X monitor, so the digital gauges don't bother me but it might some.

Stock- stock...with more gauges
Setting #1- great feeling power (feels like the edge EZ I had on previously)
Setting #2- for towing, great passing gear
Setting #3- getting a little more smoke and both tires start barking
Setting #4- Let's just say "smoke screen mode"; 28psi in boost
Setting #5- I think I'm going to break something...

After the $100 mail in rebate, I ended up at $700 to my door overnight. Just in time for Moab too. I've always passed people with my EZ, but now I'm flying by. Got back with a few stops in 7 hours. I still hate going down I-70 with all the a-hats cutting you off...